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The Frog Wizard of My Heart by AikiMiharu The Frog Wizard of My Heart :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 0 0
A Headstrong Summer
Summer breezes intrude on an early spring.
Summer lungs and air-puffs,
expelled from the swollen throat of expectation,
expectations, and so much promise
For you,
And me,
And us.
Summer sun and summer skin,
exposed and shining,
an open book of sorts.
Flowers blooming, greedily awaiting busy bees and hummingbirds-
such an awaited occasion,
And so rushed, too.
A delicate stem envelopes your finger and you say yes.
Well, of course, yes.
Summer settles for no less,
even though its only - simply - spring.
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 1 4
dizzy in love
i'm still in dizzy love
i curl up to you and the fabric of your clothes becomes the four chambered heart
where to nest, i wonder?
where to take root?
i breathe in the blood of this
and i'm just okay
i'm going to be-
we're going to be
o k a y
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 1 8
eighteen years old
bathed in "not yet"
clothed in uncertainty
perfumed with pinpointed doubt
primped with "time will tell"
and when time speaks, it'll be grand
your mother will be proud, finally
and curiosity will die out
as you take your desk job
and a touch of "what now?"
what now?
stewed in "what's next?"
boiled in boredom
seasoned with repeated sufferings
and served with indifference to self  
and when a stray stars light
breaks through your concrete tower
will your heart move?
will your feet march out of step,
damn it, for once?
and find their way to the path
the Narrow, Haggard path you've
dreamt about
lied about
hidden because that's absurd
covered up
covered because
because you were just eighteen
but you really knew what love was
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 0 3
The paths I consider I look upon hesitantly
I know of their ragged teeth and garrish ways
I want to be intact when I arrive there
when I arrive to a place called Contentedness
and I'll see You
You'll hold me and say "It's over
Don't worry any longer, you're already worn thin
The last thing you need is a paper-width
I'll stay enveloped in your rest, wishing for a life inert with You
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 1 1
Sometimes I'll sit in this room and scale it's high, pensive ceilings with my voice: "Why?"
The room shakes a bit but it is now prepared; I won't be jarring it this time. "Why?"
The four walls ponder. How can they escape that question? A leak, a fissure in the floor materializes.
The walls decide, one by one, to slip out of that sliver of a hole. Three walls left. Two walls left. "Why?"
I am left staring at a singular wall, its paneling abrasive, familiar. I reach out(it shivers); "Why?"
And I'm left with the unforgiving floor again.
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 0 6
Me (all day e'eryday) by AikiMiharu Me (all day e'eryday) :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 1 8
Home Alone
the forte sounds of
eating dinner scraps alone;
ruthless solitude.
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 2 4
New York Picture by AikiMiharu New York Picture :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 2 2 Rikuto: MURO by AikiMiharu Rikuto: MURO :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 2 11 Best. Group. EVAR. by AikiMiharu Best. Group. EVAR. :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 4 17 Mello and Near by AikiMiharu Mello and Near :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 0 6 Thirsty Kaito by AikiMiharu Thirsty Kaito :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 2 8 Miku and Miku? by AikiMiharu Miku and Miku? :iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 2 4
Of Blood
A relationship is of blood.
I sigh into the warm place of our love's embrace. I swim in this atmosphere, soak and immerse myself in it. I open my eyes, and they are welcomed by a slight sting. It's so warm, I shan't ever leave, my heart forbids it. Everything is floating without care or worry. It is so breath taking, seeing you bathed in red. I have the feeling we won't leave without stain. That inert danger is delicious to me; a forbidden fruit. I wonder if I shall learn to speak soon without drowning, but that thought is thrown aside viciously. I love to need you, I need to love you, and that is simply it.
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 4 2
That revisions.
I still remember that night.
I sit and preen at my face at grandmothers vanity; the usual makeup routine. The routine is a bit different now, but I manage. I stop and stare longingly at the mirror. That night. Am I any different now, truly? I feel the smooth surface of my cheeks. You put your hand on my shoulder and tell me I'm beautiful. I wince at this, not used to the constant flattery I've gotten lately. It's just odd. You kiss my cheek softly, but I feel no warmth. I look at you and my eyes feel like crying, but I don't. I refuse the tears(they couldn't fall if they wanted to!) and continue with my routine.
You say something about how cold I am and you leave to grab me a blanket. I look outside and it's snowing, each fat flake taking all the time it wants to reach the ground. I am a snowflake, taking my time, falling a bit faster at the end, but still at a steady pace. I'm falling. I reach up to the latch on the window and open it. The freezing draft blows past me without taking m
:iconaikimiharu:AikiMiharu 5 12

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Ya know.. I never thought this would happen, but I'm dreaming up character story lines again! Well, fan characters, but characters nonetheless! I'm remaking my accounts namesake- Aiki Miharu - for the better. asdfghjhfk I'M THRILLED YOU GUYS. ;w; Maybe someday I'll get inspired to work on my original story again.. But let's not get ahead of ourselves.

I don't have a scanner anymore, but maybe crappy iPhone pictures will do. I've been drawing up a storm!! I'll experiment and maybe I'll actually post art soon. AGAIN, let's not get ahead of ourselves.

This whole college student thing is good for the imagination. ;w; (I'm at Ohio State, if you were curious) Any Buckeyes watching me on here? :meow:

Okay, I'm off to not write a paper (TYPING HANDS WHY ARE YOU DECEIVING ME UGH)


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